Sunday, January 26, 2014


Yesterday I got an email asking me why I haven't done their requests. For now, I'm kinda putting requests on hold. I've been overwhelmed by the amount I've had coming in and it's impossible to keep up. I will get to them eventually (most of them anyway) in my own time but for future reference it's not really polite to demand something be made for you. I do this on my free time and it stops being fun when people yell at you. I'm a man not a machine (not yet at least).

But that is only a small bit of negativity and I just had to address it.

The rest, however, is really awesome. I'm glad I made the move to blogger cause now I have a better sense of how many views I get and wow, I honestly had no idea how many of you there were. Most of you are quiet, I get that (I'm a quiet guy too so I can't judge), but I do love the feedback I receive. I can't always respond to everyone's comments but I do read them, just so you know. :D

So just wanted to thank you all. I've had a rough couple weeks at work and writing caps is kind of my "escape" from the real world.


Do Things My Way (From My Old Yahoo Group)

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