Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Are You Into Girls?

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  1. "... {into girls?! like you can't even imagine, Amy! and, 'up for this'?} thought Mason while his sister's tutor caressed his smooth, borrowed thighs, {these stiff nipples should be evident of how 'up' i am! and this tiny, throbbing place just above my warm, wet one feels WAY better than getting my guy-gear up when i fantasied about making out with her before!}
    "Sh-er, I, um, only said those things to, like, make sure you really wanted me, Amy," Mason told the girl of his dreams. {but, since my sis doesn't want you this way, i'll be glad to let you have her however you want!}

    Okay, SwitchHitter, like YUM!!! I can SO imagine being in Mason's place and letting this sappic-seductress have her way with'mw'!!!



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