Saturday, June 28, 2014

Did Your Father Proud 2

Due to an overwhelming amount of fans asking for a sequel I decided to make it so! This cap had the biggest demand for a follow up than any other so how could I resist? Thanks for all the feedback!


  1. Wow finally thanks switch hitter but If I could make a request could we get another showing the relationship between Nina and Joseph please =)

    1. Yeah like maybe the night after the possession they had a conversation over what had taken place and how things were gonna be from then on It must have sacked for Nina I'm sure she wasn't to happy with how things played out haha

  2. Great cap switchitter but we have yet to hear Nina's side of this story I think It would be very in treating to hear all in all though part 3 please?

  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I appreciate the suggestions but I actually already completed part 3! It may not be what you were all expecting and maybe it will. Who knows! :-D I will post it later tonight and I hope you all like it.


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