Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Subbing For The Sub 4


  1. I'm doing a caption contest right and it would be my honnor if you got in it

  2. DOUBLE WOW! ! thanks so much! one of all all time favorite series. Many super tpches & use pf pic. What a smug happy style. I love that he's so ay home being her - including grading papers & the way he pretended to swap bavck was brilliant. The former Mrs Nelson is pretty easily intimiadated not to protest! Also, the new Beautiful woman buying new clothes to set off her beauty & style was a great touch. I also like it when 'SHE" call the former teachef BRAD! & wont teach swap class any more.
    Bye the way how does Mr Nelson do with his present & future sexy wife?

  3. I wonder why the former Mrs. Nelson didn't go to the principle or someone to try to get her body back? lol



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