Friday, October 3, 2014

Astral Trading 4


  1. great story! thanks for the ocntinuation! super us of pic. excellent story. I don't think the Casey has too much to bitch about. she's well off, HER new husband is passive & does what she tells him & she's white & doesn't have ot face prejudice. Alo I forone thinks she's more attractive. Anymore parts to come?

    1. Haven't decided. If I can find more pictures that I like and can use, then I'll continue :-)

  2. SwitchHitter I hope you do decide to continue. This could easily turn into one of those great long form bodyswap stories we all used to read on Fictionmania. White stealing black is just not done very often and is a unique angle. It is overwhelmingly done the other way for obvious reasons. Good work and I hope you continue.

  3. Maybe you could do a set a few months later where the new Dani is pregnant and her new husband has left her for another woman. The new Casey finds out about it and thinks about how lucky she is to have a husband in Tim who loves her and would never leave her.

  4. still waiting for a continuation


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