Saturday, November 22, 2014

Family Dinner Outing 2


  1. LOL OOOPS! great follow up. do the new kids try & steal thei bodies or maybe 'debbie' & daddy' like their ne like their new likes evough to stay put?

  2. I know that you may not have intended turning the original caption into a series at first, but based on how great the first one and especially this sequel were, I really believe that this would make an awesome series if you were to take it sequel at a time following up on this one. I mean, right now I'm really wondering what happens when the whole family gets home or what adventures the parents and kids might face in their borrowed bodies!

  3. What If the person in the dad's body gets drunk as well and they end up going home or some random place and one thing leads to an other, BOOM! Mom's body is pregnant


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