Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hey all, been awhile since I made a real post like this and figured it was time to fix that. Enough people have asked (or the same Anonymous person over and over ;) heh) about requests for me to warrant writing this post.

To answer the main question, yes, I still do requests but I don't do all of them. There are several factors that play into this. First, and you may or may not believe this, but as of right now I have 60 caps already backlogged and ready to post. Each day I choose a few at random and post them. So there is a possibility your request has been made and just not posted yet. Could be tomorrow, could be months from now. Ya never know! :)

Secondly, the reason I don't do requests as often as I used to is because of the way some people treated me. Im not the only capper that has to deal with this and it saddens me that people think it's fine to talk down on us or be disrespectful because they don't get what they want. We aren't machines. Plus, only a small handful of people ever comment so it always feels like there's more "I want this" instead of "hey this was a great cap. Thanks!" Those who do post comments, you are AMAZING. You keep me motivated and I thank you. You know who you are... ;) I try to reply when I can.

Thirdly, I love to write. Im not really good at it but I love to do it. Thats why I have so many caps backlogged but I can only do it at my own pace. I can go weeks without writing a single cap, hence the backlog in case. Certain days I can write a whole bunch. Ya never know when the mood strikes. So there are times I see a request and think "Wow I have to write this now." because the idea hits me immediately. But a lot of the times it's harder. So I pick and choose the requests Im comfortable with. Dont take it personally if yours is not done. Sometimes I just cant think of how to write it.

Hope this clears things up. Also, if you do write a request, please put it in the request section. If you post a request in the comments of a picture that is a surefire way it's never going to get done. I wont remember to go back and check for it there.

Thanks guys. Glad you like my blog.


  1. I love your captions really. I just don't comment all the time �� sorry about that.

  2. Totally understand everything you said!

    Keep up the good work on the blog! I've really enjoyed your stuff for a long time now. Kinda jealous that you have that many backlogged. I run into a block and nothing for a week!

  3. Don't mind the neigh sayers. Your caps are very original and a joy to read. Keep up the good work

  4. I completely agree with you requesters can be a bit much which is why I'm not doing any for the time being. I always love your captions and check them on a daily basis since they sort of lit my fire when I need inspiration. And damn you have twice as many captions scheduled than I do which always helps when you are too busy to write. I agree it is nice to get comments and I don't think I would ever do anonymous request because it doesn't feel personal enough for me to want to put in the effort. You've done a great job!

    1. Also wow your right your request pages is so full of anonymous requests and it seems to be the same person constantly. I feel bad for you

  5. Great caps man, though I'm sorry if people are being jerks to you or just treating you wrong. no one deserves that.

  6. Sorry that I don't usually comment.... I check your caps every day and absolutely LOVE your work!!!!

    I hope to someday start a caps blog of my own... If I can ever figure out exactly how to create them.

  7. I never comment as well. But I'm still here every day! Keep up the good work! I'll be more vocal in future :-)

  8. I really enjoy reading your caps,and I'm sorry to hear that people are being rude.Have you thought of maybe charging people for request....i would be willing to pay a few bucks for a request....just a thought.Anyway I will start leaving comments,and again I love reading your caps my friend :)

  9. could you do a MAU caption with this image?

  10. I just got a question, where do you get all your images?


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