Monday, December 22, 2014

Learning His Powers of Possession 19

This is the "season finale" of sorts. :) I will continue to update this story just not every night like I've been doing. Hope you've been enjoying it!


  1. I thought you were going to go for the perfect 20 before taking a break, lol.

    I like how you used a cliffhanger, I don't know how I will be able to get through waiting for the next cap, I love this series and Ken just keeps digging a deeper hole. Great job :-)

    1. Haha thanks. Yeah I was gonna try and do the even 20 but I felt it would be best to save what's next and use the cliffhanger lol

    2. I'm betting Ken will regret this and repossess his mom and get her out of there before she finds out, but that's just me, because intense cliffhangers drive me crazy, lol. I know you got some surprises thought out, SwitchHitter :-)

  2. I agree. Excellent choice for the cliffhanger. Judging on all the caps I've read, it will be well worth the wait when you come back to this story.

  3. Do you think you could continue the series with Ken taking a vacation in Hayden Panettiere's body using this pic:

    Pretty please?


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