Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Switching Sisters


  1. Fantastic work! You should do a caption where a mother hates that her daughter is in her 20s and a burnout. With a twisted sense of love for her daughter, and to try and make her future better, she kidnaps a girl the same age as her daughter that works with her, and uses a machine to switch the two girls' bodies, and forces them to strip in order to "get used to their new position in life," with both girls witnessing the horror of their brain waves or souls being switched. If you had pictures of the both the girls, possible split into two captions that would be amazing! Thank you

  2. Charming & well told story, funny & sexy. Great use of pics. I think though you needed more motivation for the switch. ANyway I don't think Carla will be too happy losing her beautiful body & friends.


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