Sunday, December 14, 2014

Taking The Bait


  1. Why on earth would he want to give up that sexy body??

  2. LOL! & Clever! I like it that the woman is doing the stealing for a change.

  3. Amber smelled the cookies in the kitchen on the cooling rack but cool enough to eat. "Wow that was sweet of Chet I'll put them on a plate and eat them while I watch the game" But still not being used to his bigger feet stubbed his toe on the refrigerator and accidentally dumped the cookies on the floor. "Damn" he thought "I would still eat them but the floor is disgusting hasn't been mopped since we swapped. Chet seems to be doing well but hasn't taken to a woman's cleaning habits yet." Throwing them in the trash as Chet came in. "sorry hon I dropped your cookies on the floor and they're too dirty to eat now, they smelled really good though" Chet began to cry. Amber thought to herself "wow Chet is really taking to being a woman crying like this all the sudden in front of me and I'm really taking to a man even better than I thought cause I have no idea why".

  4. Cool idea. Another way to twist it -

    Chet finished up in the kitchen and hurried to the bedroom to change into a light sundress, one of Amber's favorites. While changing Amber returned from her morning jog with their best friends. Pet, Jennifer, Dillon, and Kelly.

    They'd all gone to college together and met once a week to go for a group run. Chet had claimed to feel ill and skipped the run to make the cookies. Now smelling the wonderful aroma all five couldn't resist.

    When Chet returned to the kitchen he was aghast to discover all five passed out on the floor . . .



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