Tuesday, February 24, 2015

You Can't Do This


  1. yerrific story & he i not that much older thanher so that makesit more beleivable & of curse the new man knows almost eeverything abouth his new life

  2. "... "...so, BECKY," the body-thief continued saying with Ken's male voice & mouth, "unless you're willing to act like the responsible young woman I know you're capable of being; You'll never be allowed to take care of MY darling children again!" then released Ken's slim wrists and crossed 'his' arms, waiting.

    It took the gravity of that statement a few moments to register in Ken's, still confused thoughts, but he stifled the emotions and helplessness that overwhelmed his senses, stepped back, took a deep breath - which felt strange with breasts stretching the tank-top he was wearing - and, with his new voice trembling in frustration, managed to say, "H-h-hOh- Kay, Mis-ter Switt! Please... forgive my outburst. I'll go home and settle down," he tried appeasing the little witch, "but, please, let me still be m- your children's babysitter!" Ken knew he'd have to play her game if he wanted to still have any contact with his own family. ..."

    What a messed-up situation this is, Switch! Quite the contrivance you've created here!

  3. this would be so cool to really happen


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