Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Day As Besties


  1. "... Trevor would discover that his enthusiastic comment about "experiencing it all" was more true than he might have intended. But he was so giddy & aroused being in Fiona's body that by the time he realized Elaine wasn't talking about the kind of facials you get at a salon, he really was ready to experience all his borrowed body had to offer! ..."

    Lucky guy to have such a fun-loving girlfriend whose bestie is willing to trade with him! And, Elaine wouldn't let him get into too much trouble, would she?!


  2. Greta story, charming7 funny. I lopveit that hse's in thr gym pumping iron. Iwoned if either girl is up to something?

  3. I love stories where a loving couple swaps stuff around like this- really positive and fun! -DAGS


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