Thursday, March 5, 2015

Filling In At The Swim Meet


  1. LOL! great storuy. I see all sorts of possibliotes for things going wrong, espcilly if they make it a more than one time thing. Does the wrong person evere get swapped back?

  2. If that swimsuit was last worn by her before the knee injury, she could have used it to turn *herself* into her-before-the-injury.

    So is she just using it as an excuse to turn her uncle into a girl?

    Does she get a big thrill out of turning her big masculine uncle into a girl? Into her?

    Or does she want her big masculine uncle to be able to remember being in her body, feeling her body up, maybe masturbating as her? So that every time he sees her she knows that he is remembering what her body feels like.

    Or maybe both?

  3. your point is well taken that she could have used the mdalion to become an uninjured Emmma. BUt maybe she kinda of dumb & didn't think of it? Or of course you could be right maybe is is up to soemthing


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