Friday, May 15, 2015

Ready For Camera 4


  1. TERRIFIC, one of your very best series. Does Josh ever love rubbing it in. all 4 pics/captions carry the story along brilliantly from the new Mirdana's 'reminding Josh' that HE comes froma poor family. The new Josh must be a glutten for punishment to hang around, but he probably needs the money badly. Are you going to do more? Anyway thanks! Brilliant!

    1. This is one of the stories that I like to leave open. The woman in the picture is Jordan Carver and her pics are plastered all over the internet. Some days I stumble on one of her pics and an idea for this series pops into my head! So I can say, yes, there will definitely be more but on a more sporadic schedule. ;)

  2. I do like the series. It'd be fun to see Josh catch Miranda eyeing another girl, lustfully. lol - Miranda's male body must be starting to affect how she thinks and reacts. Hehehe



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