Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Doing It For You


  1. With a body like that, why wouldn't he want to be his own mother ;)

  2. LOL mmysterious story. I think the mom sould jusgt enjoy her new youth, don't look a gify horse in the mouth. It would be funny is the new boy found herself a cute GF

  3. Hey your captions are really awesome by the way. I wondering could you please do a FOSE caption where an 18 year-old called Aiden switches bodies with his 55 year-old GILF neighbour, Marie. Eventually getting used to there new bodies the perverted teenager now a busty GILF starts to send naughty selfies of himself to Marie in his horny body, which she begins to enjoy.

    Could you also focus this more from the female's P.O.V where Marie gets to grips with her new horny body. I remember you doing a caption a bit ago where it focused from the female's P.O.V, which I thought was really cool and different. Thank you for your time.


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