Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Top Five (Not the Chris Rock movie)

A fan emailed me and asked what my top 5 caps were that I've made. Honestly, I have no idea and am seriously going to think on that one, but it did get me thinking!

What are YOUR favorite caps that I've done? We're not going to count series because I already know how much people enjoy them lol So I'm talking stand alone caps (or they can be a double pic post like I do with a lot of F2F caps.) Leave your comments below and let me know!

I'm asking because I might try to make some similar. Thanks guys!


  1. The shapeshifting son and any shapeshifting cap i love. Also a cap series with Mystique shifting into various forms would be great especially if someone shifts into Connie Britton

  2. I especially love age progression caps

  3. off the top of my head: Clever, Thinking On His Feet, New Mom, Swingers, and A Switch Amongst Friends.

  4. i love your family swaps , son/ mom , dad/ daughter.

  5. Head/face swaps. Preferably m2f

  6. I love your possession caps

  7. I like the possession caps and mom and son captions. They're the best. But i especially love the shapeshifting captions.

  8. Anniversary Vacation
    All Eyes On Me
    So I Was Thinking
    Now This Is The Life
    Are You Hitting On Me?
    Likes And Dislikes
    Red One Piece
    Romantic Evening
    Girlish Figure
    Evening Ruined
    Medallion Weekend (series)
    Astral Trading (series)
    Different Lives, Different Families (series)

  9. In no particular order:
    Never Doubt You Again
    Back to Reality
    Sexual Education 1&2
    Taking Another Shot
    Money's Worth

    Not particularly relevant, but I always love impersonation stories :D

  10. I like your costume gun and magic taxi captions

  11. Love your F2F stuff, trench coat though was probably my favorite

  12. I really like Mrs. Nelson, and Parent Teacher Interview gone wrong... I guess I like the teacher caps lol

  13. mom/son where mother steals son´s body are my favorite. You could be pretty great at F2F too if you took example from tehswitcher

  14. I like caption with stranger and the rare one is swapping with enemy
    What i like the most is :
    Worst wish ever
    Watch where u are going
    You're not her
    All of this

  15. In no particular order:
    Misplaced Memories
    Who Needs Video Games
    Red One Piece
    So Many Choices
    Isn't This Wonderful?

    Also I loved Shapeshifting Son and Sibling Curse from series side and recently in addition to Who Needs Video Games is A Body I Can Get Used To because of the instant memory change. Throw in those plus some shapeshifting ones so I'm happy. Of course I won't complain about regular production either because it's wonderful .Keep up the good work!

  16. Very hard choice, I tend to prefer caps that make the characters undergo a consequence or undergo adjustment unlike shape shifting son. M2f, age progression, great shift, fose(both ways),body thief, Role exchanger.
    Top 5:
    Lifting Equipment
    Trying to get off
    This is freaky
    Jolted awake
    Chat with the doc
    Runner ups:
    I should tell him
    An offer he can't refuse
    Post shift lives
    Enjoying his downtime

  17. I don't really like a lot of the caps as they are too simple

  18. I really like your blog for the Mother/Son Swaps! or family swaps in general :)

  19. I love the stolen body or any kind of forced swap with an older woman!
    Keep up the great work

  20. All of your caps are amazing, could you maybe try a swap game for the site fans? Lots of different ways to go about it but I think most of us would love to get in on something interactive like that.

    1. I agree, choose your great shift fate(random) are great!

  21. I would probably pick mist powers, the recent one with the father and son who possess the mother and daughter, the one where a scientist switched this families minds and now the father has to drive back in the daughter's body and the son is in the mother's body. That's all I could think of off the top of my head.

  22. I loved your series (in no particular order of favoritism) the Sibling Curse, Brooklyn Calls, Subbing for the Sub and Trenchcoat. I also love your standalone caps Frozen, Jog Around the Neighborhood, Body I can get used to and Taking her place. I know I'm missing so many I'm sure of it, but those are all the ones I can think of off the top of my head. :)

  23. very hhard topick here's what I think are perhaps your best 6
    Giving up his riches
    Tables have Turned
    Birthday Exchange\
    I My Calculations are Correct
    Swapped slibblings
    I have to tell her

  24. Man you have so many good ones! But, I'd have to say these are my top five:
    Forever Cursed
    Think of Something
    Anybody Home?
    Riding The Subway Home

    And the runners-up:
    Stripper Life
    The Loophole
    Let Me Out of Here

  25. I personally love the costume gun caps, but all of them are great.


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