Friday, August 28, 2015

A Week As Jill 2

Wow you guys. I was not expecting this but part one was a HUGE hit yesterday. lol So because it exploded with hits I decided to make a follow up. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent very exciting. Mason is going to have an awesome time in that body. Hell i would too. Is there going to b more to this? I'm sure that somewhere he's going to stay in that body. Again, i would so take a spin in that body if i could :3

  2. This is awesome, more and maybe a little bit more juicy.

  3. If you do any caption with viola Bailey, people are gonna love it ;)

  4. Sexyt & LOL! what a weird woman & its funny that the husband has atapted Iwonder if the new Jill will fall in love with her new life & husband & refuse to swap bac/ Or willthe new Mason deside to join thenavy 7 see the world or somehting?

    1. This has become such a hit that I feel we'll definitely be seeing more to this story :)

  5. this was another great one would love to see more. keep up the amazing work


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