Monday, September 21, 2015

The Procedure


  1. Why did the poor girl agree - or did she? Good story. I don't know how I missed it

  2. Nice, I think there could be a lot of ways for the rich to get new young bodies. For example they could pay for a series of swaps. Say five donors, each goes into a body 10 years older for the sum of ten million each. The rich guy goes into the 25 year old = the 25 year old goes into a 35 year old = the 35 year old goes into a 45 year old = the 45 year old goes into a 55 year old = the 55 year old goes into a 65 year old = and the 65 year old gets his 70 year old body. Each person looses a little age, maybe a gender swap, maybe not, but he gets the youngest body. lol Although it would cost . . .



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