Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tedious Office Job


  1. This is a classic! One of your best. Terrific story. I love that they prefer their new bodies & eventually lives more than the original ones. They I huess become for alive in their new bodies and circumstances. I bet the wife never guesses, maybe just thinks her husband just got his enthusiasm for HIS life back. Does Beth have a husband or BF?

    1. Wow thanks Eric! I didn't know how this one would be received. (Seems it has the least hits for today but the most Likes. Weird!) But yeah I actually thought about this when I was at my office job. I totally wouldn't mind doing boring work if I could be one of my cute coworkers for awhile. lol

      To answer your question, Beth has a boyfriend but he doesn't live with her. ;)

  2. i agree with eric, this feels like an instant classic to me.

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  4. All in all Brad this is just a great story. Its great to see them happy with their choices.


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