Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Daring Rescue


  1. excellent story & image. you do fantasy very well. Is the poor princess dead or just trapped in his old body?

  2. Hey guys wait a munite if the princess is in old wiz body then how he got to transfer his power to new body. P.S. SwitchHitter do you know is the Model in 'I Wonder' story i like to see more of her wll you.

    1. What do you mean "Hey guys?" You know Im one person, right? lol

      He was able to transfer his soul and power to her body.

      The woman in I Wonder is Gaby Ramirez

  3. SORRY about that SwitchHitter i miss the memo on you solo work so my bad and thank you for tell me on this story in how he stay young and powerfull even in woman's body. P.S. thank you for tell me who she is in I Wonder story i can't stop looking for more at her.

  4. Very cool story! I probably would have made a deal with the Princess and swapped her into the knights body, the wizard into the princess and then killed the knight in the wizards old body . . . but . . . meh. I liked your version.


  5. Well that could be fun for the next story if SwitchHitter does a update on old story i think he did about a year.


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