Sunday, January 31, 2016

Back From Camp


  1. I just thought I'd take a sec to mention that I really like your blog!

    I like this caption in particular, as well. It makes me wonder if Alyson ever considered trying to stay with Todd while in the opposite bodies, or if she figured she just couldn't talk him into it. Or maybe she just always preferred her best friend. Either way, it's always nice when the caps get you to think about different scenarios!

  2. Nice, this is one of the classic theme's I love. Accidental swap, and then over time the body starts to work on the mind and . . . now after "thinking" with the wrong head, the new Todd prefers his new body, is in love, and doesn't want to swap back. lol How long before the new Alyson decides that she loves her new body more than the old one?


  3. Please make this a series... i love it!

  4. LOL OUCH. terrific story, poor guy, Too funny iwth Aylson falllng in lovewith her BFF?


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