Sunday, January 3, 2016


So I figure it's easier to just write a post about this than keep responding to all the emails and comments.

When it comes to writing series, things are complicated. I never really go out of my way to write a series. It just sort of happens. And the ones I do make it's because i already have a story in mind. Now one of the big reasons I post a series as 1 cap per day instead of all at once is because of two things.
1) I never usually write them all out at once but over a couple days.
2) When I post 1 a day you all can read and review and give feedback. Sometimes I use that feedback and turn the story into a different direction. SOMETIMES not always ;)

Ghost Dad is ending tomorrow and I've already gotten emails of people upset by this. They want it to
be ongoing. I'm honored that you like something so much that you want to see more but I am not a machine. I can't just keep adding to something if I don't have a story to tell. Now, there's only a select few people who are rude about these things so I'm not saying it's everyone. Don't worry! lol

Let's take Shapeshifting Son and Learning his Powers of Possession series. Those are the two I see the most people asking me to work on. The way I work is that if I have an idea, I'll work on it. But I can't force it. So please don't request them. I know they're still around and I will work on them eventually so don't worry.

Secrets Exposed did not end the way people wanted. Everyone wanted him to be stuck as Erica but I made him his sister instead. Erica was too predictable to me and I do a lot of Father with daughter's friend caps already. So I tried something different. Doing and writing the same stuff over and over isn't fun. I like to switch it up a bit. Ghost Dad is the same. The easy ending is to make him Helen but that's not the ending I wanted to make. We'll see how people respond to the finale tomorrow. Haha

So yeah, just need to say a few things. I took a much needed break from the blog for a few days. needed some time to myself to relax. It's good to be back though but I just wanted to update you all on whats been on my mind.

Thanks you for reading and enjoying my work and to everyone who leaves me positive comments and emails THANK YOU! That's what keeps me going ;)



  1. Keep up the great work

  2. Love, your caps, inspired me to do my own!

    1. The link, if anyone's curious:

  3. you do a great job

  4. Keepup the good work & don't yet whiners upset you.

  5. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you're doing a fine job!


  6. Can't find the finish for secrets exposed, and love the series so would love to see how it ends.


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