Friday, July 29, 2016

The Remote's Journey 68

Really hope you guys are enjoy reading the series as much as I enjoy writing it! Still lots of fun stuff ahead and "one/multi shots" coming. If you have any idea please leave them on the request page. I kinda wanna see how far I can take this one ;)


  1. Please go on and can you include anymore Indian girls in this series?

  2. Probably a few to follow up before them but I'd like to see a follow up on Eliza and Harry from 47-48

  3. I'd like to see what happens with Teddy from part 5. How's he doing in Harper's body and with his Sisters boyfriend?

  4. This is wicked . . . particularly since the remote stayed with the "new" boys. They're so busy exploring their new bodies that they will most likely lose the remote.


  5. i want to see dennis ( in the chamber body) , calvin (in ava body) or darrel (in drunkard wife body) and maybe the homeless women or justin (in judy wong body) it's too many fun in this series :p thanks


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