Sunday, August 7, 2016

Whisked Away 5


  1. Lol, a happy ending for both parties.... I think.

  2. So that's how they swapped bodies. This isn't over. I can feel it

  3. Extremely well told tale. I love his gradual adjustment & eventual pleasure & exceptance. Great scene at dinner. Nice touch that he doesn't know how to do her job. I wonder how she's been doing in his? Is this the final or - will he try & get that loeluy young body 'back'?

  4. Please don't let this be it...!!!!

  5. Really well done series. I didn't see the swap back coming so Bravo!


  6. Very good series, one of my favorite captions.
    Please, Please I would be very disappointed if she loses her body forcefully again so please make it mutual consent one with Angela or where he gets caught, i feel very bad for her.
    I am very glad that she got her body back from that lecherous old man. The pervert did not have the courtesy to say sorry to newly wed daughter and even trying to get away with her body by putting blankets over the situation.
    It would be interesting to see husband reaction about his dad abusing his wife's body and even having sex with him.


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