Monday, August 8, 2016

Whisked Away Finale


  1. Honestly I can say I am pretty disappointed with the finale. I would have thought it would have gone a different way, but oh well. Still, this is, at least conceptually, my favorite TG story ever, but the way it ended, I would have hoped to see something more along the lines of how Becoming Closer as a Family ended. Where both people acclimated to their new roles and began to enjoy their new lives. Anyway, this is still pretty good, but maybe, just maybe, would you consider picking this up sometime later for a part two? Maybe he feels like he needs to get back into her body? I know that this can't just be it. Great, but if this is it, it didn't go out with a bang, it went out with a whimper. Thanks, and keep up the spectacular work.

  2. Pleeeeease give us a sequel where this stuff is fixed (preferably one where they swap again)! This was one of my top favorite series of yours, but this ending was really disappointing.

  3. Wow, the ending was so meaningful and heart wrenching. It showed perfectly the trouble a swap like this may cause. A+ by my standards.

    1. I like this ending too. It can be horrifying for young woman in 20s to find her body being violated by old opposite gender family member. "No woman should ever have to live with the thought that her own father in law knows her in more intimate ways that her husband."
      but feel that she may brought hell on her or another victim by returning the odd necklace to Devil and on top adding fuel to fire by telling she is moving away and may even divorce her husband.
      The tiger that has once tasted blood is never sated with the taste of it.

  4. I wanted to do something different for this one. Almost all of my caps end the same with people staying trapped in their new forms. I've never really done anything where people swap back and have to deal with the aftermath. That was a fascinating concept to me. Especially having a full cap dedicated to them being back in their own bodies and how it made them feel.

    I love this ending and I loved writing the series. I'm glad so many people enjoyed it and those who loved the ending. If you were disappointed by the ending then I'm sorry but I don't plan on doing a continuation. I did not feel comfortable leaving a beautiful young girl in her 40 something father-in-law. lol

    Thanks for all the feedback guys!

  5. Extremely well written Her feelings &his are so affected by what happened earlieer & how she now even looks at herself so differently & how he imagines what he do mke that body look better.
    A surprise that somehow they diddn't reswap but not illogical or unwelcome. it fits. very unusal introspective final. Bravo!

  6. Switch,

    This is one of your best. The raw human emotion burns through. I can feel her conflict, horror, and love all mixed up and confusing. I think you captured a very plausible ending to a body swap. Bravo!



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