Thursday, November 24, 2016

Home For The Holidays


  1. Part 2 with the son!

  2. Nice! The son is the mom, the girlfriend is the dad . . . I wonder if the new, youngsters do a little experimenting?


  3. "... "What's that about our older bodies...beautiful?"

    Vince froze, like a deer in the headlights - with his new, perky teats on high-beam pinched between his delicate fingers - and let his eyes dart to the reflection of his son's body in the doorway.

    "Believe me, Vinnie, it sure sounded like Elena was sticking it to my body pretty well," the deep voice said as it pranced across the floor in a graceful, effeminate flow that he'd never seen his son exhibit before. Its rigid manhood bounced side-to-side, like a metronome before Vince felt it press between his soft, round butt-cheeks as the strong arms wrapped around his slim torso.

    Vince's belly filled with butterflies at the mention - and reality - of their bizarre juxtaposition and the thought of his son's girlfriend using his equipment to screw his wife's body while their son took it like a wanton wench... But, for all intents and purposes, the screaming & grunting that had issued most of the night from their master-bedroom could lead to no other conclusion!

    "The kids didn't sound like they were complaining, Vinnie... And neither did you, baby! But, as you might have noticed, I do have one, obvious complaint, and that would be this morning-wood pee-hard-on, honey-pie. I really have to pee, but I think I'll need another form of relief before I can manage that," Vince's wife whispered in his ear as she lifted his petite, female frame slightly to let her achingly-swollen appendage slip between 'Elena's' smooth thighs. ..."

    The inferences of your story are totally hot, SwitchHitter! I just hope you like the way it plays-out in my twisted head, honey!

  4. Part 2 with the son!


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