Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rock Bottom


  1. For someone not wanting to make the same mistakes again, Kira sure seems to be following in her old footsteps.

  2. Poor girl! I hope she can get a new life together. A very real feel to this tale, I bet unfortunately KIra will probanly F.U. Olivia's life.
    A Plea for another part of Charase the world wants to see what happens next. Does the new Karie gave to take drastic action like even having the neq Victor committed or even send HIM back into the child warefare system? Does 'Victor' give up & agree to be a good boy? Does HE cause real problems beteen David & Karie/ Is he beatedinto submission? Or does something unexpected happen? Pretty Pls!

  3. Damn, that's a terrible big-sister. I wonder if she could go to their parents?



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