Monday, February 27, 2017

Staging A Run In


  1. Well I guess he would have needed to be told at some point.

  2. But, there are plenty of "awkward" firsts in any relationship! And they don't have to lead to negative outcomes. For instance:

    "... Scott sidestepped to avoid Vicky's, (as far as he knew), full-frontal contact in such a way that Gaby landed on the sandy beach while Scott looked at her incredulously, saying, "What the hell, Vicky?! I just tole you that Gaby is..."

    His voice trailed-off in shock as his girlfriend's pretty face appeared in place of Vicky's, but still on the voluptuous body of their friend. "No. It's really me, babe!" Gaby's own voice called up from lying on her fuller ass. "And now that I am sure of your commitment to me, Scott, I love you even more!"

    Scott inquired from his shocked state about how in the hell Gaby could do this miraculous - if deceitful - thing and Gaby explained to him about her mutant-like ability as she gushed her effusive love for a man who could stay true in the face of such an invitation.

    "So, darling," Gaby concluded as her man helped pick her mixed form up from the ground, "such devotion deserves a reward. And, since you now know it's really 'the love of your life' in here, " Gaby waved her hands along the amazing curve of her copied body, "and, since 'borrowing' Vicky's fabulous form is really making me feel extra-horny; Do you wanna come back to our place and help me enjoy all that this shape has to offer?!" ..."

    Totally hot piece you've written, Switch!



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