Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Finale: Austin's Family 3

This is just a tease for what's coming up and to give you fair warning to start rereading the Thanksgiving Series if you need to cause it'll be back very soon. Might be a few weeks because I'm not going to start posting until it's actually finished. :)

Here is the chart with everyone's final bodies. Fingers crossed there are no mistakes lol


  1. Just realized how big the thanksgiving mixup was 123 of them currently

  2. Totally looking forward to a third series

  3. Looking forward to it! Have the ages in the chart been updated? If not could be worth doing

  4. it would be another chart, but Id like to see a condensed chart where it says who is in what body now, and how they are related. Cousin's body on mother side or sister, brother-inlaw etc. A kind of new start for the next series, which i am excited to see.

  5. Awesome news, man!
    The 'Thanksgiving MixUp' series is one of my all-time favorite. I'm happy and excited to see more of it!


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