Monday, March 19, 2018

I'm Keeping It

Did I Luck Out?

Thanksgiving Finale: Simon's Family Finale

And there we have it! At least, this part of the series has come to an end. It's been a long ride and I want to thank those of you who left me feedback and enjoyed the story. It's really weird that this actually started as just a single cap...seriously. Go read the first one. That was all it was going to be but it sparked an idea. One that got blown way out of proportion lol Would you believe it came out to 193 individual captions? Yikes!

But as a stated, there will be more individual tales. I just won't have the burden of "The Finale" looming over me incomplete haha But it's done!

I got a lot of hate on this one cause it was so balls out crazy and hard to keep track but ya know what, sometimes ya just gotta write what ya enjoy. :)
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