Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Astral Trading


  1. Great Cap. I would like to see a follow up. There are very few caps where the white chick wants to be a back chick. Does Casey try to keep Danis' body?

  2. Wow, this is one hot cap!

  3. WHowizers! great story sexy & funny. Nice touch theyboth enjoy sex more as each other & in eachother's bodies. I love it that Caseywants to be called Dani. This one calls for a sequel, PLS!
    I wonde foir exampler if Dani wants to keep that body for the sex> Or is Dani would rather be Casey, white & maybe ricj or be in charge in the bedroom or if they just decide of a mutual permanent swap? Options are mind blooging.
    Thanls again!

  4. Yes this needs a sequel. There are not enough stories where the white chick wants to be black. Maybe its to keep her new husband and have babies with him, or so they can do the more traditional wife swap... in the others bodies.


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