Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Week As Jill


  1. This is good. Got a continuation of this?

  2. :O:! great story. It seems Jill doesn't much beeing herself & I think thehusband is unhappy with her & is making a play for the 'wife' to stay as her permanently. I do hope you continue. Intertesting the kids seem to like the new mom better, too

  3. this has to be one of my new favorites really hope their is a continuation this was excellent

  4. I kind of think Eric is right about Dan just wanting to have his wife be a single personality from now on! So, on that note...

    "...once you've experienced what an erotic & sensual woman you are now. Mason," Dan said, bending down for a passionate kiss that stoked the fire in Mason' s loins even more! ..."



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