Friday, October 2, 2015

The Price Of Power 5


  1. Why not have the Prince swap into Arieanya's body in order to stop Varelnosu then use her body's magic to swap Varelnosu (in his body) with Arieanya. This would leave Arieanya in the prince, the prince in Arieanya, and Varelnosu as herself.

    For extra topping: Have the prince refuse to swap back with Arie, saying that he was only marrying her for her body, before permanantly enthralling her as the prince.

  2. Hey wait a second want if Varelnosu is swap into a cat then cat is in Arieanya's body and Prince then swap Areianya from Varelnosu's body back in hers and cat in Varelnosu's body so the evil witch can't back to hers.


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