Thursday, October 8, 2015

Trying To Go Younger 2


  1. LOL & SEXY. I like where he story is going, well told 2nd part. Its hgoing to be a very interesting weekend. I think the kids are being very foolish! I hope they like being older & rssponcible. I think they'll be lucky to get their bodies back?

  2. Glad to know that both couples are back together... sort of! Sounds like their extended trades will be full of interesting fun and new learning-experiences for the whole, oddly-blended family!!

    Of course, since none of them seems to have any nefarious motives, switching back shouldn't be a fuss. But, then again; Learning more about each-others partner would be the best option... Wouldn't it? My only questing is whether Nina & Anna will switch place first. or if Ted & Eric will become their own g-f's to start the next week?

    Keep keeping the good work, and your readers, up, SwitchHitter!!!

  3. Please a sequel. I love it thanks!

  4. We NEED a part 3


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