Monday, October 5, 2015

The Price Of Power 8


  1. Ah man that was not the end of storyline I want Varolnuse to be a cat so she can't win her game. P.S. SwitchHtitter am I a bit sorry for taking loudly it just this story i really like and for Jessica nigri picks that you used are great treat my man.

  2. Glad you both liked it. There's still another part coming (probably tomorrow) but unfortunately Anonymous, there is not cat swap since I don't do animal transformations. Glad you like the pics though! Hope you like the rest of the story

  3. All that remains now, for a truly fairy tale happy ending, is to find some way of getting Arieanya into Erodic's body so that they can be reunited and live out their lives together... in each-others' bodies, that is! I'm sure the prince will bear many beautiful children in their consummation!

    Truly an impressive tale, Switch! Can't wait to see how you wrap it up!


  4. Thanks! I actually just finished writing the epilogue and it will be posted this afternoon!


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