Sunday, July 31, 2016

Whisked Away 4


  1. God damn. You never fucking fail to impress. I'm fucking astounded. This is the most exciting and suspenseful stories you've ever written. Actually, fuck that. This is the best. Even though its in its in its infancy, this is better than anything you've ever done. (In my opinion of course.) I can't wait to see more. I love this one segment a day shit, its fucking fantastic. I wish I could read everything at once, but the wait makes it more fucking exciting. Great fucking job!!!!1

  2. I've read some pretty classy shit on some other blogs, and many on deviantart, but you are by far my favorite. And this story is by far my favorite on your blog. That's saying something. You know what the fuck its saying. Its saying that Whisked Away is my fucking favorite TG caption of all fucking time! Keep up the good work. Oh, and if you're on deviantart, check out my account BosunTG. Ive only written four and they each take only like 6 minutes to read. But whatever. keep these fuckers coming! I love them!!!!!!!!

  3. Very good story. I love how the new body slowly wore down his reservations . . . It's hard to fight those hormones.



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