Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Mix Up 20

So I finished writing the final cap today! Came out to a total of 61. WOW! My biggest series yet and it was all done at the same time. Normally I would have maybe broken it into "seasons" like Learning His Powers Of Possession, but there were soooooo many characters involved that even with the chart I was afraid if I left it at any point it would be impossible to jump back in. So I just kept going...and going... lol I will post the remaining caps in the series today and tomorrow. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome. If i was Duncan I'd count my blessings. At least he isn't old anymore. Teresa looks hot

  2. Good captions, as you always do!

    Might I say... I miss your other series, like Learning His Powers of Possession or Hopper For Hire.

  3. ROFLOL! around & around we go, where we stop nobody knows - even I suspect Switch-hitter, LOL!
    I think Duncan derses to be stuck as Tersa


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