Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spur Of The Moment 2


  1. Ohhh seems like it's going to b an awesome series

  2. Love it! They both seem to prefer being each other, yet I wonder; How long can they pull off the deception, before Carol figures it out? Although, it would be even funnier if Carol decides she likes Laney-as-Paul better than she likes Paul-as-Paul; and takes steps to prevent them from swapping back . . . hehehe


  3. ROFLOL! Thanks for continuing the series. Super story & I love the pics.I love that they're going to pretend to have swapped back. I guess the grass is greener. Also, I like Laney loves being a man more having strength & power. Why does he like being her better?One of your best, wicked witty. I wonder if the pretend Paul will HIS wife a code word saying is she has any doubts who is who she should ask the code question. LOL so that the real Paul might end up being called an impostor by the wife? Anyway any more to come? Wickedly woicked & twisted!

  4. Yes! I love it! Totally hot and devious. I really hope you continue this at least one more, but maybe consider making it longer/ongoing? :D Fantastic work!


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