Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mass Swap?

So here's something a little different. Someone posted these on a body swap tread on 4chan with no indication of who swapped with who. Who do you think swapped with each other? What stories are there to tell from this image? I just thought I'd share these images and see what kind of creative responses I would get :)


  1. >D Before reading what you asked, I was already assigning people.
    1) The mother and the yellow shirt gentleman. Reason: Similar hand position told me this.
    2) The waitress and the cell phone holding guy. Reason: Proximity.
    3) The prep girl and the father. Reason: Proximity
    4) The date couple. Reason: Date.
    5) The child and the last gentleman. Reason: Remaining available.

    1. I like it! Exactly the type of response I was hoping for. Who swapped and why. Thanks!

      I like that you swapped the dad and prep phone girl and the kid with the waitress. Great call!

  2. What's the link to the 4Chan thread?

    1. There's a bunch. just Google body swap 4chan

  3. I feel like the guy with his face turned might have been the cause for the swap, since we never get a look of surprise by him. Maybe he was testing a machine out on some friends secretly without their knowing.

  4. Have you ever thought about doing a teen titans body swap caption.

  5. I'll take a gander.

    1: The little girl and the guy in the yellow shirt - The guys facial expression in the before shot makes me feel like he's the sort whose shocked expression would be smiling as the little girl is in the second one.

    2: The man and woman sitting together in the lower right corner - I feel like the man's body is staring across at the woman after the swap, giving me the impression he/she is fixating on his/her own body. The man in the woman's body, meanwhile, is completely dazed and staring off into space.

    3: The man just behind the waitress' left arm and the woman on her phone in the bottom left corner - Again, the woman's facial expression after the swap gives me the impression she was a guy, and the facial expressions seem roughly to correspond.

    4 - The waitress and the mother - Besides running out of other candidates, while the waitress looks shocked, she doesn't look as shocked as others, making me think that maybe she used to be a woman.

    5 - the two guys whose faces you can't see - Actually, I sort of get the impression that they're unaffected, though it's impossible to read anything without being able to see their faces.

    You could also get a whole different series of swaps if you could have three way or more swaps too.

    1. I love it! Great choices. I like the idea of the young girl with the yellow shirt guy and the two cell phone users :)

  6. Original:

    Based on Google translate, it looks like the artist left it ambiguous on purpose so other people could make the story.

    I say 1)Yellow shirt/waitress- he seems to be checking her out. Now he can check her out whenever he wants.
    2) Two cellphone users
    3) Boyfriend/girlfriend
    4) Husband/wife
    Which leaves 5) the little girl and some guy

    1. Oh cool! Thanks for finding that.

      Yellow shirt and waitress both have their arms out in a similar position too which kinda adds to your theory ;)

  7. The young foreground couple,BF & GF
    The aitress & the mom in pick.
    Dad & young daunter
    Cute girl on phone with her fat best friend not in pic
    Teen in yellow with teen in dark jacket, who swapped with teen in blue


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