Friday, January 16, 2015

Astral Trading 6


  1. This is Great! I knew there was a LOT more to this story SwitchHitter , that's why I kept bugging you. This has the potential to be the greatest cap story ever. If body swapping and astral projection were even remotely possible. Then again I am biased. Your my hero SwitchHitter. Okay I am laying it on a little thick but that is because I really hope to see more and hope others do too.

  2. Wickedly funny!! Great story & use of pic. The new Casey is such a naughty girl! Poor Teddy. I wonder where & if you go somewhere from here. Maybe the new Dani finds HER husband cheating on her?

  3. Funny, but a little tragic. That the new Casey is now playing the field. Might be interesting to see if Teddy wanted to try couples swap therapy to get back with his "wife" Casey. . . .lol



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