Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Mix Up 8

As what will come as a shock to no one, I added a tag for this series lol
In the very first cap I mention there were five families. Disregard that! lol Clearly I've gone overboard and that number no long matters. Sadly it's too late to change but whatever. This started as a big thing and turned into a much much bigger thing. Hope you enjoy what's to come.


  1. Could you do another aunt nephew one

  2. as always great job. i love seeing your work. are you going to add your previous years work to the tag or is the tag for this years project only?

    1. The tag is only for this specific series

  3. I have a feeling that everyone that swapped a second or third time won't swap back to their original bodies once the potion wears off. Just a hunch....

  4. Love this new series I was a fan of the first series, and I was like how come you didn't make one last year? Anyway love ur caps and keep up the great work.
    -LoL the ending sounds like if I was ur boss. xD


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