Sunday, May 22, 2016

Before I Lose My Nerve

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  1. "... A (very) short time later:
    "Oh, Man! That was..." (heavy breathing as Harry rolls off Ethan) "AmAZing! You're an AWEsome lay, dude!"

    "Dude! Seriously!? I barely had time to start moving! Don't even tell me you're done, man! My sister's body sure isn't a virgin, but I don't even feel like I lost my girl-cherry! Look at your limp, useless piece of flesh! Oh, no you don't, buddy! You better get your face down there and get to work, Harry-Cockless-Junior! I know for a fact that fingers will get this pussy off so, your tongue must be worth some added sensations... And you had better clean up those few drops of spunk you dribbled on my belly, punk! ... Well, that's a start, but you'd better keep going 'til you get me off big-time!" ..."

    It just seemed ripe as an example of how we can sometimes get worked up over nothing, Switch. I.m.o., at least. A really good concept for the expression on "Ethan's" face, dude!



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