Monday, May 23, 2016

Comments and Page Views

So this Orc Hunters series is very eye opening for me and shows me why comments are so important. The actual "page views" for the series are pretty low compared to everything else. Looking at is from
a numbers stand point I wouldn't have thought many people were interested. But then I look and see that it has more comments than almost anything else! That's the kinda stuff that motivates me. So for those who have been vocal about liking the Orc series I wanted to say thanks! Your comments made me continue :)


  1. So you actually are motivated to continue captioning by comments or pageviews? Or do you do these captions to satisfy your interests? Or is it a little of both?

    1. It's kinda both, really. Honestly it's more to satisfy my own interests. I really enjoy writing caps as long as it doesn't stress me out.

      This post was more in reference to me looking at comments and page views to determine if I should continue writing a series or not. If people express interest, I try to add more. If not, I usually drop it and move on to something else. :)

    2. Well, I guess it's sorta like the 30-30-40 ratio on the internet. 30% of people will hate it, 30% of people will like it, and 40% of people don't really care.

      I think the Orc Hunter series tapped into the group that is more invested/passionate in the series.

  2. please make one when all the orcs (now women) are naked :)))) that would be great :)

  3. Guess I should comment on all captions I love you make. Not a fan of the orc but the other stuff like f2f is what really does it!

  4. Keep up the great work!


  5. finish the thanksgiving series! I want to know what happens after the year is up


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