Saturday, August 5, 2017

To Catch A Cheat 2


  1. ouch. maybe once he pays all the debts he now owns maaybe he can get them implants out and maybe get a decent job. it's not the end of the of the world for him. great second part btw

  2. LOL! OUCH! wonderfully wicked. I like that the stripper was eager for te swap. Bice touch that her body is more plastic than flesh

  3. Who knows maybe Miles will get a chance at redemption by helping the girls investigate a future boyfriend's cheating.

  4. Very cool conclusion. I wonder if his education, will-power, and desire for a better life gives him the motivation to stop stripping, go back to school, get a degree and find a better job . . . or will he succumb to the needs and desires of that luscious body and end up as a trophy wife to some guy? lol



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