Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another Meditation Session 2

I've absolutely adored the feedback I've been getting for this series and now because of that it's blossomed into something huge! I've even added a tag. :) I plan on having at least three "parts" to the story. This is the middle part. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Great series so far! Poor Zoey, but then again I don't think I could resist this sort of opportunity.

  2. I would hope that Zoey gets her body back, but the mother and son some how get switched permanently. But that's just my suggestion, keep up the great work!

  3. wickedly funny! I love the twists & turns. Poor boy, & especiLLY POOR Zoey. Iwonder what you will do? ill Zoey & Marty will band togther, somehow using the mom's wealth against her?
    PS. a plea from a long time followers, PLS finish carade. I am going crazy wondering how you will end it.

  4. It occurs to me that if the mother is wealthy like she says she can simply transfer the money into Zoey's bank accounts and start over. Think about it, Obviously the mom will leave with Zoey's wallet which means she certainly now has Zoey's ID and credit/debit card, which has her account number. She'll also probably be able to find Zoey's social security card at Zoey's home, since that's where most people keep it. She now has all the proof of Identity she needs to change/find out Zoey's pin number and the passwords for Zoey's bank accounts.

  5. I love how you ended it with Marty vowing to "pay" his mom back. I can think of so many things . . . tattoos, piercings, perhaps swapping with someone else? Putting his mom's rival from work (a woman twenty years younger whose sleeping her way up the corporate ladder) in Wanda's body . . . so many options. lol


  6. There are endless turns that this story could take I like it! Zoey's definitely got it worse here XD.


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