Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rubbing It In 3


  1. WOW! terrific! what a brilliant twist! Andreia is very clever. I love her take - get yourmom help & she doesn't mind being a teen again & she's willing to stay inhis body - or so she says - but reminds hinmm he'd be losing half his life. I like it that he calls her Caleb & reminds her about school.

  2. I love it. I would love too see them became allies, and may be swap in regular basics to acomplish their objectives

  3. I like the idea that the Andrea is trying to get Caleb to help her get help for his mother.

    I thought Caleb was looking for a new young body? In the first part of the story he didn't plan to leave Andrea stuck in his body for life.

    It looks like he's enjoying his Andrea body too much to give it up. lol



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