Thursday, September 22, 2016


So the Meditation Session caps are technically a body swap since they both trade bodies but it's because Marty POSSESSED Zoey's body first and then her soul was forced into his body. In caps like this do you think I should also tag it as "Possession" as well as "Body Swap?"


  1. Good question. It would make sense to tag it as a body swap and as a possession since both are technically happening.

  2. But the premise is centered around body swapping. So I would think just "body swap" tagging would make sense. Now making an "astral projection" tag could work I suppose, since that's what occurs in the caption.
    I hope I'm helping and not just complicating things.
    Sorry if I am.

  3. possession was the means of which the body was obtained. the result was the current residing soul moving to the now open body. this would make it both tags with the possession being the start and the body swap being the end result.

  4. Should there not also be an FTM tag as well?

    1. I only tag something FTM if there is actually a FTM character in the picture. If they are "off screen" than I don't count it :)

  5. You answered your own question lol :P

    Possession is in play, so it makes sense to tag that as well. Does no damage not to.

  6. I tend to think of possession as one-sided, otherwise every body swap would be a switching of "possession". I would label it as Body swap, but adding both or as Alex stated an astral possession tag would make since, you have several already

  7. body Swap is more approciate since in possession the other soul iis usual just supressed intheir own body. Either unconscious or in some cases a helpless passenger

  8. It is more of a body swap, yet I think it could work to be tagged as both.


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