Friday, June 3, 2016

Ready For Bed


  1. ROFLOL & sexy as hell, talk about self love! I'm glad they're learnign to adjust. Do they get their former bods back & after awhile maybe theydon't even care? Classic story

  2. I have a request. Could you do one where I (Robert) steal the body of my wife's cousin (Kendra aka Kindy)? She's a sexy teenage bomb shell. How about on her 18th birthday.

  3. They don't know how they swapped, but they think sex will changed them back? lol - too funny.


  4. I have a request Could you do a pokemon tg series where 14 year old friends Ian,Mitchel,kyle,Austin & Conner get stuck in this games where there turned into pokemon and try to get out of the game (I recommend using some pictures of some pokemon cosplayers for it. So just search whoever except Kyle has to be jessica nigri in one of her pokemon cosplays). If you can make this a series if you want to of course.


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