Monday, June 6, 2016


Well I was not expecting that much of a turnout from my post last night! lol 74 comments so far. Amazing! It was great hearing from so many of you. It's cool to know why a particular transformation appeals to you.

Anybody TG asked me what MY favorite was so I suppose it's only fair I tell you all, though I think it's pretty obvious ;) Body Swaps are my all time favorite. Like some of you mentioned, it's more interesting to me to have two people caught up in a situation together. Sometimes I like when they hide it and pretend to be each other but I also love when a few close friends and family are in on it. It's always been fascinating to me ever since I saw all those body swap movies from the 80's. lol I have a soft spot for the ol Mad Scientist brain swap machine. I think that stemmed from the Gilligan's Island episode if I remember correctly. Also, as it's probably obviously, I like there to be an age difference between the swaps. Adults to teens and vice versa. Something like the husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend is find less appealing because they are already familiar with their lover's body. It's still appealing to me but less exciting.

Possession and shapeshifting are great as well but like others had mentioned it feels morally wrong taking over someone and them not having any control over it. Same with costume gun. It's a cool idea but in real life it'd be pretty fucked up lol

Thanks again everyone for your answers. It's cool to hear what everyone had to say :)


  1. Can you do more caps on people with the ability to change (shapeshift or swap) other people as well as themselves

  2. SwitchHitter,

    I just saw this, rather than answer with 80 other people I'll write my reply here. Body-swaps are my favorite. I think you might have already guessed that . . . lol


  3. my thoughts on possession caps are pretty much the same, I like reading them but the idea does feel wrong

  4. I think shapeshifting is te coolest you just can shape yourself in any body form and have some fun.

  5. It's interesting no one here seemed to mention mental changes, as it makes sense since you don't really cover them. I've been thinking this for quite a long time, and have decided now seems a good time. Role Exchanger stories are typically my favorite, but you barely use it to it's potential. As I've seen you've had it perform simple body swaps and nothing else. It's an entity that can swap ANY TRAIT, not just bodies. I'd really though love to see "body part" swaps. Your'e captions are good, but when it comes to this theme ... not so much. I'd just love to see the theme being given credit for not just simple swaps, after all, that's kind of the point behind it. I like your captions, I really do, but you don't really expand to other things then simple swaps.
    Just some constructive critism

    1. This is actually one of the reasons I barely do Role Exchanger caps anymore. People like a bunch of random trait changes and I would always just use it as a Mcguffin to initiate a swap. That's all I really cared about. I've never been a fan of mental changes or body part swaps so I just don't do them very often.


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